Why choose Expirea

As a small independent consultancy Expirea can offer a personal, tailored and professional service.

We are often referred by existing clients or by other consultants who cannot always meet tight timescales or do not have the technical expertise in environmental permitting.

According to the Business Perceptions Survey 2014, businesses say environmental regulations are among the most burdensome laws. The report shows company staff spends, on average, 6.7 days a month on environmental regulation.

Around 66% of businesses seek specialist knowledge on environmental law from external, specialist consultants. Businesses say they do not get enough advice from regulators on environmental compliance. They often rely on regulator’s websites for guidance on environmental legislation but the legal requirements are unclear.

Expirea’s services aim to make your organisation’s regulatory tasks and engagement with the regulator easier to manage, helping ensure your organisation meets its environmental responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner.

Expirea can also offer assistance to and improve the environmental performance of other organisations, such as local authorities, health services, academic establishments and small businesses, among others.


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