Other businesses and organisations

Expirea can also help businesses that are not governed by permitting regimes.

All businesses and organisations have an environmental impact and must comply with a range of regulations to protect the environment.

This applies to sectors such as:

  • construction              local government             retail and service
  • transport                     health                                      leisure / hospitality
  • agriculture                  academic establishments

Even if you are a small business or organisation it makes sound business sense to use good environmental management practice. This can help you towards the following goals:

  • meet your environmental legal obligations, to prevent and reduce pollution
  • save money by reducing operational and waste disposal costs
  • control environmental risks and reduce liabilities
  • improve your reputation, customer relationships and create new business opportunities
  • earn recognition for good environmental performance

To enable your business or organisation to achieve these goals we can help with:

  • review of legal and compliance requirements
  • writing and reviewing procedures, management plans and policies
  • staff training
  • pollution prevention guidance
  • inspections and audits
  • resource efficiency and waste management
  • general environmental awareness

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