Pollution prevention guidance

Expirea can provide advice for proposed or existing sites on pollution prevention measures. The most common causes of water and land pollution from industrial, agricultural and commercial premises are poor design and maintenance of the basic site infrastructure. These may lead to continuous or intermittent discharges or ad hoc incidents such as spillages.

Segregation of clean and contaminated drainage is fundamental and this can be costly to correct if not addressed properly at the design stage. The Oil Storage Regulations apply to commercial and institutional premises holding over 200 litres and to private dwellings with containers storing more than 3,500 litres of oil. These regulations specify the storage requirements that must be used to prevent pollution.

We can audit your site to identify any potential polluting discharges or pollution risks and advise on measures to take to remove or minimise those risks.

Penalties for causing pollution incidents have risen dramatically under the revised sentencing guidelines. The costs associated with land remediation measures, loss of production and damage to your reputation can be much higher.