Permit and variation applications

Expirea have prepared permit and variation applications for clients in several industry sectors including food and drink, hazardous waste and surface treatment of metals. We also have experience of determining permit and variation applications across a wide range of industrial sectors from the regulators viewpoint so understand what they require.

If you are planning to construct and operate a new installation covered by the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) or Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations (PPC) you will need a permit before you can start operations. If you are already operating a permitted installation and are changing your operations or adding a new process you may need a variation to your permit.

Operators of Medium Combustion Plant will need to check if they need a permit under the new regulatory requirements implementing the Medium Combustion Plant Directive – See post on Medium Combustion Pant Regulatory Controls.

A good permit application is essential for a smooth and fast determination by the regulator. This is very important if your project timescales are tight – delays in obtaining a permit or variation could cost you weeks of lost production or business.

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