Audits and inspections

Expirea can undertake audits and inspections of your site and management systems against ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

We have undertaken legal compliance audits for several clients and this can help you to comply with your environmental or PPC permit and other environmental legislation. We can  explain what your permit conditions require you to do. We can also help you comply with other environmental responsibilities such as the Waste Duty of Care for the waste you produce.

Once you have a permit the regulator will undertake compliance inspection and auditing to verify that you are compliant with your permit. It is essential to be compliant to avoid enforcement and prosecution but also to avoid additional fees the Regulator may impose for poor compliance, such as the EA’s Compliance Classification Scheme (CCS).

You may have a certified Environmental Management System (EMS) but this does not guarantee you are compliant with your environmental permit. Research undertaken for the EA found that audits by external EMS verifiers do not fully address permit compliance.

If you wish to undertake your own in house audits we recommend Auditmentor’s e-learning auditing training courses.

See my review of Auditmentor’s internal environmental auditor course.


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