Environmental permitting charges

Expirea can assist permitted sites with their environmental permitting fee calculations.

The Environment Agency launched its new charging scheme in April 2018 for its regulatory activities, including environmental permitting fees. This applies in England only and replaced the OPRA based charging scheme.

The new scheme is more straightforward than OPRA but will take time to bed in and business and industry may require assistance in calculating and checking their fees and charges.

In Wales, NRW continue to apply fees based on OPRAs and will review them annually to calculate permit fees and to inform their industry performance reports.

Welsh permit holders must complete and return the latest OPRA calculation spread sheet for verification. OPRA methodology is very complex and the extensive guidance can be difficult to follow, even for regulatory staff. Inaccurate OPRA profiles are quite common and could mean you are paying excessive permit fees.

There are ways to reduce annual fees, such as reducing emissions and implementing environmental management systems and procedures. OPRA also includes a compliance attribute and good performers pay lower fees.

We can review your permit charges to check they are correct and advise how it may be possible to reduce them.

We can complete your annual OPRA review for submission to NRW and provide a record of supporting evidence for each OPRA attribute. This makes subsequent OPRA reviews easier to complete and verify.

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